EKTU's license with Coursera allows you to take one free certificate course a year! Currently, only EKTU faculty and staff are invited to this program. Are there students who want to participate? Please send us a request!

Signing up

Everyone user can access the EKTU Coursera for Campus page.

  1. Open the EKTU page on Coursera (на русском)

  2. Click the login button in the upper-right corner of the Courera page once it opens.


  3. On page "Начните программу", select Я новый пользователь Coursera and then click Continue.


  4. Click the "Login with Google" button use your university email address

  5. Your name will appear in place of the login button once you complete the login procedure.


Selecting a program

Our center uses "Теория и практика создания онлайн-курсов" to facilitate training on developing MOOCs.

  1. Login and enter the EKTU page on Coursera.

  2. Scroll down until your find "Теория и практика создания онлайн-курсов" and then click the course badge.


  3. Click the Register button to start the course!


Signing up (by email)

You can also joing the program if you will an email sent to your EKTU Google account.

  1. Log into your email using the SSO page at or directly at

  2. Search for the email with suject You're invited to learn on Coursera and open it. You can also search for an email from


  3. Click the Join Now button in the email with subject You're invited to learn on Coursera!.