Getting Started

Most likely, you already have a discipline in mind, but let's start there!

  1. Select your discipline and identify a pedagogical approach to direct your course design
  2. Organize your content into types (text materials, presentations, videos, and quizzes) and topics or modules
  3. Learn the platform and online course development best practices
  4. Populate your course with your learning materials
    • You will find your template on our course development site (
    • Please contact us if you log in and do not find your template
  5. Provide additional structure or support materials for the students
    • Topic introductions and conclusions, instructions on interacting with the content, checkpoints along the way, etc.
  6. Work with your beta tester to identify holes in the content or other problems
  7. Revise your course to prepare a solid first draft, then revise it again, and yet again
  8. Prepare your course for publishing! 🎉

Are you feeling overwhelmed? 😲 Not to worry! We have detailed instructions or help available for you each step of the way.