Assign Subsections to Gradebook Assignment Types

Objective: Assign an assignment type to each graded assignment in the course

After configuring the categories or assignment types in the gradebook, the next set is to assign those categories to a graded subsection.

  1. Open the course outline in Studio.
  2. Locate a subsection that has a grade. Press the gear icon to open the settings panel
    • For example, quizzes, labs 2022-01-26_open-edx-edit-subsection_EN
  3. Click on the "Grade as" dropdown box and select the assignment type 2022-01-26_open-edx-chose-assignmnet-type_EN
  4. Configure the due date and save the form.

    It is crucial to set all due dates before the rating ends to prevent students from completing self-assessment categories after grades have been transferred to DALES.


  5. After you have assigned all graded tasks, go back to the gradebook and update the total number of each assignment type to match.