This page contains frequently asked questions that you or your students might have.

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Problem: The students cannot proceed until they meet the prerequisite requirements that you have set in the course. 2022-01-20_locked_content_EN

We cannot help your students with specific questions like these in your course. We don't know your requirements or what the students need to complete. If your students ask us how to proceed in your course, we will send them to you. :)

Solution: The solution is for the learners to click on the blue "Go To Prerequisite Section" to complete the activities or view the content. For example, this screenshot shows that they did not complete the activity. Or perhaps they did not receive a passing mark. Your course should have instructions stating what the requirements are. 

For example, the ICT course provides these instructions:

These quizzes are your gauge to know if you understand the materials. Please complete the quizzes with a grade of 80% or better before continuing.