Instructor Dashboard Overview

The instructor dashboard contains tools you can use to work with your students. You can view the Instructor Dashboard by opening your course and clicking on the Instructor tab. 

It includes these tab or links:

  1. Studio link to edit the course
  2. Course information
  3. Membership
  4. Cohorts
  5. Extensions
  6. Student Admin
  7. Data Download
  8. Special Exams


Opening your course in Studio

Studio, also called the CMS (content management system), is where you develop or modify your course. 

Click the VIEW COURSE IN STUDIO link in the Instructor Dashboard to open the Studio page.

Course Info

The Course Info tab shows an overview of the enrollment information and important dates


The Membership tab is where you enroll your learners, add beta testers, co-teachers, and co-developers.


Cohorts are groups, which are a way to classify or divide your learners. The primary benefit is using cohorts to control access to course data in the Studio. Unfortunately, Open edX does not have many tools for using cohorts.


The Extensions tab is where you grant permission to your learners to complete activities when the deadline has passed. You can also view all students who have an extension.

Student Admin

The Student Admin tab lets you view your students' progress and grades. You can also give them additional attempts to complete activities.

  • You can view if they are enrolled and their course progress.
  • The View Gradebook option lets you view the grades for the entire course on smaller courses.

Data Download

Data download provides options to download information about your learners and save it to a CSV file. This feature is useful if you want to use Excel to manipulate the downloaded data.

Special Exams

Special Exams lets you look at exam data (when the learner started and completed) and reset the attempt for your learner to retake the exam.