Start of course checklist

Your course will automatically archive once it reached the end date. The archived course contains the enrolled students, their records, discussions, and settings. You will need to "re-run" your course to create a clean instance for your current group of students. Here is a checklist for you to follow when you want to teach your discipline using Open edX.

  1. Re-run your course

    Please contact your department course coordinator to request a course re-run.

  2. Review the "Instructor Dashboard" features
  3. Set the course start and end dates
  4. Set up the gradebook
  5. Set the release dates of sections
  6. Set up subsection prerequisites to set conditions if students can access the topics
  7. Create cohort and enroll learners
  8. Learn how to set extensions for your students
  9. View the built-in course "Checklist" to complete any outstanding items