How to log into your EKTU Google account

Instrucution for students

Find your Google Login

Enter your S000 ID to find your Google login.

Logging in to Your Google Accounrt

  1. Navigate to site

  2. Enter your university email address (find your login above if you do not know it).


  1. Next, you will be taken to the EKTU page, where you need to enter your data that you use to enter the portal - your ID and password. When entering the ID, you must add ektu\ to the front of your login. For example ektu\S000094882.


  1. The icon on the top right, like in the picture, indicates that you are logged into your Google Workspace account! There you can see your email address in the format - your last name in Latin, period, the first letter of your first name. You can also use it to log into your account.