Logging into Moodle

Instrucution for students

Here will be how you log into https://moodle.ektu.kz

You must log in using your @edu.ektu.kz email address. Your @gmail.com email address will not work.

Log into your edu.ektu.kz Google account first to avoid login errors.

  1. Navigate to site https://moodle.ektu.kz.
  2. Click the Sign in button in the upper right corner of the screen.


  1. Click the blue Google (edu.ektu.kz) button.


  1. Enter the following email address: login@edu.ektu.kz.


  1. Next, you will be taken to the EKTU page, where you need to enter your data that you use to enter the portal - your ID and password. When entering the ID, you need to add the @ektu.kz domain. For example S000094882 @ ektu.kz.


  2. You are now ready! 🙌 Your username should now be written instead of the login button.