Viewing Logs

Tutor makes it easy to get the logs for all connected services by using a wrapper for docker-compose logs.

user@edx:~$ tutor local logs -h
Usage: tutor local logs [OPTIONS] [SERVICE]...

  View output from containers. This is a wrapper around `docker-compose logs`.

  -f, --follow    Follow log output
  --tail INTEGER  Number of lines to show from each container
  -h, --help      Show this message and exit.

Tip: Reference the docker-compse.yml file to get a list of all services
less "$(tutor config printroot)"/env/local/docker-compose.yml

View Log Examples

Get the last 50 logs for all services.

tutor local logs --tail 50

Save the last 300 logs for all services to a text file.

tutor local logs --tail 300 > logs.txt

Get the last 50 logs from lms and mysql.

tutor local logs --tail 50 lms
tutor local logs --tail 50 mysql

Sometimes, you might want to save all service logs (or all logs) to a text file.

The operation can result in very large files! The operation below resulted in a 500MB file from only 5 days of usage.

tutor local logs lms > lms-logs.txt

Entering a Running Container

There are times when it is necessary to enter a running container using docker exec, such as interacting with the database during runtime.

  1. First, get the list of running containers

    docker ps
    CONTAINER ID   IMAGE              ...   NAMES
    fe019ddc6ca5   overhangio/openedx:...   tutor_local_cms-worker_1
    6e79a248fd95   overhangio/openedx:...   tutor_local_cms_1
    913ed0e2cbc1   overhangio/openedx:...   tutor_local_lms-worker_1
    b8755e708e80   overhangio/openedx:...   tutor_local_lms_1
    2a80d6444b0d   overhangio/openedx-...   tutor_local_notes_1
    035e620b9177   nginx:1.19.9       ...   tutor_local_nginx_1
    f1a441551356   overhangio/openedx-...   tutor_local_forum_1
    de7aaa40edc6   mongo:4.0.25       ...   tutor_local_mongodb_1
    fe848de7dd53   mysql:5.7.33       ...   tutor_local_mysql_1
    3e2a5111c9d0   redis:6.2.1        ...   tutor_local_redis_1
    238b5eefef2d   elasticsearch:7.8.1...   tutor_local_elasticsearch_1
    ff0fca1d5910   namshi/smtp:latest ...   tutor_local_smtp_1
    f748f6a6e214   caddy:2.3.0        ...   tutor_local_caddy_1
  2. Then, get a root prompt in a container (this example uses MongoDB).

    docker exec -it tutor_local_mongodb_1 /bin/bash

    Or, you can enter the MongoDB shell directly.

    docker exec -it tutor_local_mongodb_1 mongo