Adding a Certificate

Tutor Plugin

The flag completion.enable_completion_tracking must be enabled to use certificates.

Two options:

  1. Enable the flag in Django admin Django-waffle switched
    • Home › django-waffle › Switches (or the URL: admin/waffle/switch/)
    • Add and enable the flag: completion.enable_completion_tracking


  1. Add the flag in your settings.yml plugin, for example:

      common-env-features: |

LMS / Course settings

To enable certificates, you need to configure it once:

  1. In the Django admin panel, add "Certificates › Certificate html view configurations" (/admin/certificates/certificatehtmlviewconfiguration/).
  2. Also in the administrative panel, enable "Certificates › Certificate generation configurations (/admin/certificates/certificategenerationconfiguration/).

Then, for each course where you want to include certifications, you need to:

  1. In the Django admin panel, you need to add Honor Code Mode in Course Modes › Course modes (/admin/course_modes/coursemode/) for the course in which you want to enable certificates. By default, all courses work in audit mode, in which no certificates are issued.
  2. In the Django administrative panel, you need to add "Certificates › Certificate generation course settings" (/admin/certificates/certificategenerationcoursesetting/), with the key of the course you need and you need to enable "Self-creation enabled" if you want learners to be able to generate certificates for themselves after they get a passing grade.
  3. In Studio, in the course settings, you need to configure your certificate (Settings - Certificates). You can give an alternate name for the course and add signatures to the certificate.
    • Then you need to click the Approve button.
  4. By default, certificates are only available after the course completion date. In Studio, in the advanced settings of the course there is an option - "Show certificates". If you want educators to be able to earn certifications after earning a passing grade, but before completing the course, you must change the value to "early_with_info" or "early_no_info".