Change Language and Theme

Enable Language Packs

Open edX uses a single language by default, but it has support for additional languages.

  • You can enable other languages in Open edX using two-digit ISO 639-1 codes.
  • Open edX does not have a language switcher. Instead, it uses the language of the browser.

Run these commands to enable Russian and English in Open edX.

Note: No output is given if the command was successful or not.

# Stop the running instance
tutor local stop

# Apply the language packs
tutor local run lms ./ lms shell -c "from openedx.core.djangoapps.dark_lang.models import DarkLangConfig; DarkLangConfig.objects.create(enabled=True, released_languages='ru,en')"

# Restart the Open edX stack for the changes to take effect
tutor local start -d

Open the site. It will now display in the language of the browser


Set a New Theme

We use the Indigo theme from Tutor with our logo.

  1. Download the new theme

    git clone
  2. Open edX needs three images for banding. Upload these images to the server.

    • my-favicon.ico
    • my-logo.png (for the LMS site)
    • my-studio-logo.png (for the CMS site)
  3. Replace the default favicon.ico and logo.png for the LMS site

    cp my-favicon.ico ~/indigo/theme/lms/static/images/favicon.ico
    cp my-logo.png ~/indigo/theme/lms/static/images/logo.png
  4. Replace the default favicon.ico and studio-logo.png for the CMS site (studio)

    cp my-favicon.ico ~/indigo/theme/cms/static/images/favicon.ico
    cp my-studio-logo.png ~/indigo/theme/cms/static/images/studio-logo.png
  5. Render the theme

    tutor config render --extra-config ./indigo/config.yml ./indigo/theme "$(tutor config printroot)/env/build/openedx/themes/indigo"
  6. Rebuild the Open edX docker image with the new theme (this process takes a while)

    tutor images build openedx
  7. Restart the platform using the rebuilt docker image

    tutor local start -d
  8. Enable the Indigo theme

    tutor local settheme indigo
  9. Open the browser to view the new theme