Install XBlocks

XBlocks are plugins or extensions that the community develops to give additional functionality to Open edX. maintains a directory of XBlocks. Many XBlocks are listed there, but not all.

XBlock List

Here are some of the XBlocks that we use:

PDF Alternative:

  • xblock-pdf
  • Requires dependency package: git+

XBlocks and Tutor

XBlocks are installed using a URL to a GIT repository. The URL to an xblock goes in the requirements file using the format listed below. The Open edX docker image must be rebuilt to include the new XBlock.


# For example, here is how you would install the Poll XBlock:

Enable XBlocks in Tutor

  1. Edit file private.txt that will contain URLs to the XBlocks

    nano $(tutor config printroot)/env/build/openedx/requirements/private.txt
  2. Place the URLs to the XBlocks that you want to use. Here is the complete list that we use.

  3. Rebuild the docker Open edX image to include the XBlocks

    tutor images build openedx
  4. Restart Tutor

    tutor local stop
    tutor local start -d

Add XBlocks to a Course

The course developer should add the XBlocks that they want to use in their course.

XBlocks are enabled on a per-course basis. See our Course Developers section or view the Enabling XBlocks in Open edX from appsembler.

Here is a list of XBlocks that match the above list. Studio page: Settings > Advanced Settings > Advanced Module List


These XBlocks will show in the Add New Component -> Advanced list.