Settings in 'config.yml'

Most Open edX variables are configured in the settings file config.yml. You start by editing the file config.yml and then run quickstart to apply the changes.

Here is the basic process:

  1. Open the config file (config.yml) using nano or your favorite text editor.

    nano "$(tutor config printroot)/config.yml"
  2. Add customization or make desired changes.

  3. Then, run quickstart for the changes to take effect.

    tutor local quickstart

    Hint: press Enter to accept the values you entered earlier.

SMTP Settings

You probably want your participants to self-register on your site. Otherwise, you'll have to add them manually. By default, Tutor uses a built-in SMTP mail server to send messages. Unfortunately, most email providers will flag these messages as spam because there is no authentication that the email was sent from a trusted source. Therefore, you will want to use a no-reply or similar email sent from a trusted SMTP source (Gmail, Exchange Server, Zoho, etc.).

Here is an example of common SMTP settings that supports TLS encryption.

SMTP_PASSWORD: secret_password

We strongly recommend creating an app password if you are using a Gmail or corporate Google email address. Otherize, Google will likely block the login attempt from your server.

Login attempts limit

By default, Open edX will block user access to the system for 24 hours if they enter the wrong password too many times. We change these values accordingly.

Enter variables with the desired lock time.

# Number of attempts before blocking

# Time to block your account (15 sec * 15 sec = 900 seconds = 15 minutes)


This parameter enables the configuration window course certificates in a studio.


See the additional configurations required to add a course certificate in Tutor.