DNS Settings

Open edX from Tutor requires at least four DNS entries to work correctly, a primary and three sub domains.

  1. edx.yourdomain.com (or yourdomain.com): This is the primary domain
  2. preview.edx.yourdomain.com: The subdomain to preview a page or course before publishing it
  3. studio.edx.yourdomain.com: The subdomain to construct the course
  4. apps.apps.yourdomain.com: The subdomain to construct the course

For example, here are our domains:

Wildcard DNS settings

Open edX has additional features that use subdomains, such as notes. The feature might use a subdomain like notes.edx.yourdomain.com.

We recommend creating two entries in your DNS settings so that you don't have to update your DNS settings if you enable a new feature.

  1. edx.yourdomain
  2. *.edx.yourdomain

The wildcard *. will forward any subdomain to the IP address. Not all DNS registrars support wildcard DNS records.